Monday, July 30, 2012

Ride to Mont Tremblant Park with the Rally: part 2


See part 1

3. Turn left on Harrington road then right on Red River (Riviere Rouge) road…

Despite the fact that Red River road is a gravel road, it does not require any particular riding abilities nor a specific bike – a cruiser could ride here no problem.

So this road is not a challenge for the 1200GS Rally.  However, the TKC 80s tires installed on the bike, as well as its torquey engine can turn this road into a somewhat interesting playground.

A couple of things worth nothing: the view is magnificent along the Red River and the hillside fields offer a panoramic view as well.

If you pay attention, you cannot miss the Buddhist monastery on the right side of Red River road.

I like to stop at this place from time to time to take some pics, the change of scenery is astonishing – each time I get the feeling I took a bypass to Asia.

I am not Buddhist of course, but the monks that live here are very courteous and accept “visitors” into the area.  While remaining respectful of the place I take some pictures and  continue my journey.

4. Continue on Red River road, then take the 327 North, then the 117 South and finally take the exit to Lake Supérieur…

Following the Lake Supérieur road, you eventually arrive in Lake Supérieur town.  The landscape here is absolutely beautiful and I could not resist: I stopped to take some pictures.  Above, the Lake Superior with a mountain range in the background.


Other pictures of Lake Supérieur.  Left, a steep hillside that seems appropriate for climbing.  Right, a windsurfer on the Lake Supérieur.

5. Continue on Lac Supérieur road…

…that eventually lead to the Mont Tremblant Park gate.  There is a 6$ fee per adult (there is a family fee of 12$).

Once in the park, it's a cascade of breathtaking landscapes. The Mont Tremblant Park is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Québec.


For the early birds (you must arrive at the park entrance in the morning to register), it is possible to ride down the river by canoe.

6. Optional, turn right onto 15 East ...

The 15 East (unpaved road) proved to be the highlight of this tour.

At some point, I thought I was dreaming - I was driving a beautiful motorcycle on a gorgeous road while a splendid summer sun illuminated my path.

Here are some pictures of this paradise ...

I still get chills looking at these pictures. Several times during the ride I told myself: “I’m such a lucky bastard to see all this!  Someone pinch me!”  What a beautiful moment of moto adventuring ...

To be continued…see the last part.



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