Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Montréal Moto Show: V-Strom 650 “à la CMG”

Many motorcycle manufacturers lack opportunism when it is time to showcase their adventure bikes to the public…


…either the bikes are presented with road tires, or no skid plate, or with an inefficient windscreen, etc etc.

The people from CMG magazine were right on the spot presenting a rugged version of the popular V-Strom 650 at the 2013 Montreal Moto Show. 

Their “Adventure” interpretation of this motorcycle is pretty much what adventurers ultimately aim to achieve when customizing their bike for off-road/adv use.

Not only did they choose 50-50 Heidenau tires, but they also upgraded to more shock resistant tubeless wire wheel rims.  The alu cases are superb and the skid plate fits like a charm; both add to the nice rugged look of this motorcycle.  The windscreen seems more than sufficient to protect the driver from the elements even at high speed.

Also note the enlarged kickstand base, off-road handguards and most likely heated grips – the list seems complete to enjoy any adventure ride.

Well done!



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