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Dakar 2012 : EN - Best of Bike & Last Stage - 2012/01/15

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Husqvarna Strada (en)


Quite a change from what we have seen lately!  I would say this bike is one of the best looking motorcycles since GS series from BMW while being totally different…visually.

Ironically, these days many manufacturers imitate the BMW adventure bike design.  Meanwhile, Husqvarna developed this new modern and stylish motorcycle, …now under the BMW banner.

Visually, this is a success, but even better, Husqvarna kept an eye on the weight.  Result: 170kg (374lbs) and could even be less.  This is good news.  This bike is 22kg (50lbs) less than the Sertão!

For the engine, Husqvarna used the G650GS power plant, but re-tuned it for more torque.  Lighter bike, more power, the Strada will most likely be exciting to ride on both paved roads and trails.  My only concern is the engine valve adjustment cycle on the G650GS: 10 000km.  This is below the industry average and will most likely cost a lot in maintenance.

There are good chances that Husqvarna produces this bike this year.  I hope that they will also sell an adventure version of it with:

  • an efficient windshield for the highway;
  • heated grips as on the GS sold in Canada;
  • a gas tank that will give a great autonomy to this bike (250 miles / 400 km);
  • and most importantly… a comfortable seat.

Add an improved valve maintenance cycle, and my Versys is gone ;P


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