Saturday, July 21, 2012

BMW 1200GS Rally 2012: First Contact

1200GS Rally 2012

Fan-tas-tic!  That is the first thought that came to mind after a first day with the 1200GS Rally edition.

It is sublime, powerful, comfortable and so on… this bike has all the charm needed to win over a motorcycle adventurist.

When I asked my contact at Moto Internationale if it would be possible to have dual sport tires, BMW Canada authorized the installation of TKC 80s to allow me to ride the bike under many different conditions.

So the plan for next few days is:

  • ride long distances on paved roads to better evaluate seat comfort, wind protection, gas consumption and better understand what 110 hp @7750 rpm means!!;
  • ride the Scotch road, the best place I know for a first feeling of a bike on unpaved roads;
  • then the Lac des Plages (Beaches Lake) fire roads;
  • and more…

The Quebec motorcycle “bible” (Guide de la moto 2012) rants and raves about the bike – so my expectations are high, but based on this first day, things are off to a good start!

Read more: Ride to Mont-Tremblant

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