Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 Montreal Motorcycle Show


Winter is much too long for motorcycling amateurs in Quebec.  Fortunately, there are moto shows where we can drool over the latest models.  So, I went to the Montreal Moto Show located at the Palais des Congres accompanied by my better half with the mission to meet each motorcycle constructor representative, introduce myself and briefly talk about DSAventureQuebec.

First stop, ZERO Motorcycle



With gas prices soaring, its no surprise to see companies like ZERO motorcycle presenting 100% electric motorcycles.  With lithium batteries, their off-road version has an autonomy of about 50 miles (80 kms).  Their road version however is good for a surprising 110 miles (180 kms) of autonomy as per the rep.  This feat is most likely reachable in perfect conditions, but it is more than decent for this type of bike… and more than enough to commute daily to work.

For an adventure ride it is still not long enough considering that it is not yet possible to recharge along the way, but I think that ZERO Motorcycle is going in the right direction.  The autonomy will most likely increase year after year and I will probably ride a long range electric bike before I retire from motorcycling; a plus for the environment.

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