Sunday, July 1, 2012

Evaluation: Seat Concept

I had a few occasions to ride on long day trips with my Versys.  The last time was in May – to Otis,MA and then back home. That was about an 800 mile ride.

Each time I go for a long ride, the Versys seat becomes uncomfortable after a couple hundred miles.  I tried a couple of times to fix the problem by customizing the seat: I changed the angle and carved a V shaped pillion in the seating area.  Certainly, those modifications were beneficial... however, there was still room for improvement.  Worse, my wife cannot stand the rear seat for more than 20 minutes without feeling the discomfort of the foam.

So time had come to try an after market seat.  While searching on I found a thread on Seat Concept proposition  for the Versys. (By the way, there is a coupon code: KLR650.NET that I found on the kawasakiversys forum.)  Contrary to other manufacturers, Seat Concept only builds replacement foam and seat covers.  You need to disassemble your motorcycle seat and install the foam and seat cover on the original pan.  The good side of this approach: the cost stays reasonable at around 200$.

Required tools

The first time I made a custom modification to my seat I used a manual stapler as on the left picture.  It worked fine. 

But this time I decided to buy an air stapler which I thought would simplify the stapling process – about 60 staples are required.  I shopped around and found this one - Surebounder 9600 – for only 40$ at Langevin-Forest in Montreal Nord.  If you can’t find them, there is always the Paslode staplers that are available everywhere but at twice the price.

I found the same air stapler on Amazon for only 25$.  If you ever order this one, make sure to also order the required T50 staple pack.  Seat Concept recommends the 1/4 or 3/8 in length staples.


The other required tool is a simple flat screw driver to remove the staples that hold the original seat cover to the plastic pan.  I used a nail puller similar the one on the left picture.


Seat Concept recommend to use spray adhesive to glue the foam against the plastic pan, but I did not do it.

To be continued…

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