Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ride to Mont Tremblant Park with the Rally: The finale

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[A trail for the 1200GS Rally] This picture is the continuity of the15 East.  The road also branched to the right.  I rode a long way on this path.

Not quite a spectacular picture, but yet this is what the motorcycle adventurers seek above all: a road with an interesting challenge, much like Scotch Road which I wrote about in part 1.

After several miles, when I realized that the road did not lead to an end (I could go on and on), I turned around - there were two other attractions that I really wanted to see and I had to head back to Lake Superior road to get there.

Anyway, for this road, I will certainly have other opportunities to see what's at the end of it.


7. Continue on Lake Superior road...

After a few kilometers, there is an indication for the “Croche” fall . There is a 300 meter walk along a charming forest path before you get there.

Above, the “De la Diable” waterfall. A 15 meter (50 feet) high waterfall which is one of the principal attractions in the area. The intense downpour of the previous day increased the river flow which - according to frequent visitors - made ​​the falls more attractive. There is a beautiful forest trail (half a mile) that you need to walk to get there.


I went back to Mont Tremblant Park with my family a few days later. The kids loved running on the paths that lead to each waterfall. We also rented canoes at lake “Escalier” which is a little further. And finally, we had a great time at the beach. It was truly a day enjoyed by all!


Back on Lake Superior road, there are 20 kilometers of gravel road and more beautiful scenery, lakes, beaches, campgrounds, bicycle paths, and probably several other trails just waiting to be discovered by adventure motorcycle enthusiastsClignement d'œil. Once the unpaved road ends, it’s back to regional roads ...

8.  So, what does 110 ponies @ 6675 rpm mean?  …this road had the answer…

 RireRireRireRireRireRire…yes, that’s it - a big smile on my face - on each gear.  Of course, we are not talking sport bike performances, but the 1200GS 110 hps has quite a lot of punch at all rpms from first to last gear.  However, what impressed me the most was the windshield efficiency – at high speed and with a hybrid helmet, air was still flowing around me.

That is it for this ride.  It was great, the bike was great, the weather was perfect…I could not have wished for more. 

I have created a video montage that shows all the ride shots with great music... Enjoy!  and thanks for watching.

Entrez la légende de la vidéo ici

Next ride: the real test.

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