Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ride Report: Riding Beaches Lake Take 2: 2 of 3

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Part 2 of Beaches Lake ride report. A quick reminder from my previous post, I had to decide whether I would retrace my way back to Beaches Lake or take the road leading to new trails that I had never explored. Obviously, the answer to that question was easy: to retrace my steps?! pfff! rather get run over by a moose

Flooded road
However I had to retrace my steps back at least up to the sand pit, then I took the other trail option.  For a while the road was easy, until I came to this section (see photo) which was completely flooded. Hmm, I never crossed a lake or river of this size so far in my young career as an adventure rider.  I had to see what it was.  The following video shows what I could expect. Finally, not that bad, there was about 12 inches of water. Well, I finally decided to take a chance anyway because the worst that could happen was to fall into the shallow water.

View from the other side
Once engaged in the flooded path, I wanted to put my feet on the footrest of the bike, but the elastic band (which is normally under the foot) of the left side of my riding pants was hooked to the footrest! I got to sit through on the bike with a dangling foot but it went well, still I had a little moment of stress .  I added a picture of the view from the other side of this flooded road.

The photo below shows the trail that I had to go after crossing the flooded section.  Really, the enthusiast adventure rider  paradise! This path was relatively easy to ride, sometimes with a little more difficult sections, but nothing compared to what follows!

Ouch! Rocks!

A field of boulders. I do not particularly appreciate roads made of large rocks. Many reasons: I have not installed a skid plate on my Versys yet, second, I rode a boulder section on a trail before and I found that the level of challenge surpassed the adventure riding pleasure, and finally, stress to break down the oil pan.  I anyway decided to go carefully through this pile of stones, hearing "kling klangs" on my way down the road, but no noticeable damage.

End of this rocky section
Another photo of the end of this unpleasant section.  I worked up a sweat going down this hill, in November dressed as a polar bear.

To be continued...again(Part 3)

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