Sunday, August 19, 2012

12oo GS Rallye 2012: Ride to Parent: part 1

After BMW Canada offered me the Rallye for a week, I wondered which type of road I should ride to test it out to its full potential.  I have read here and there about the ride to Parent and I was hoping to have an occasion this year to make it - the stars were aligned,  the Rallye was about to be in my driveway, I was on vacation, so be it!


St-eustache-parent_thumb10 In fact, I made the same ride twice in a week:

-the first time with my Versys on July the 19th, a few days before I received the BMW – making the ride first with my own bike would give me a point of comparison;

-the second time on July 27 with the Rallye, after my first ride with the BMW to Mont Tremblant Park.

So I’ll be describing mostly the second ride.

St-Eustache(A)-Parent(C), through Mont St-Michel(B) : 400km


First section between St-Eustache and Mont St-Michel

The first section was mainly on highway 15 North and 117 to Mont Laurier.

This road is quite nice when we look at the scenery, but nothing too exciting on the motorcycle riding side. The road is fast without many curves, it often slows down to cross the different villages on the 117.

It did allow me to appreciate the ride on the 1200GS. The first observation: the saddle is truly one of the most comfortable I've had the chance to try.  Even my passenger on a previous ride appreciated it. So a big plus for the GS.

Second, the windshield: it looks a little short, but surprisingly, it is very effective. With the big handguards, the wind protection is optimal. I caught myself a few times riding at 80 mph (130 km/h) and I had to constantly watch the odometer to maintain a reasonable pace, especially since there were many police patrols in this construction holiday period.

And finally: the engine of the GS - a strong presence and plenty of torque at all speeds. There are no parasitic vibrations caused by the engine and the mirrors are perfectly clear at almost all RPM (the vision is slightly blurred around 4000rpm). Passing a car is effortless and really makes you feel the constant pull no matter if you drive on an upward slope or a flat section of the road.

The only thing this bike is missing to be perfect on long road trip is a cruise control.

[Installation of a Throttle Rocker] After some 30 miles, my right hand was getting numb.

I discovered the Throttle Rocker a couple years ago.  It wraps around the handle and allows you to use your wrist to apply gas and free your hand from constant stress.  A well invested 15$.

Then I spun to Mont St. Michel without stopping.


10 a.m. Even if the seat is comfortable,  140 miles (225 km) non-stop is something.

There is a rest area near the Lièvre (Hare) River on the 311 before arriving at Mont St-Michel.

Yet again an occasion to take some pictures.


Lièvre (Hare) River, passing under the 311, near Mont St. Michel, Quebec


Lunch at the rest area near Mont St. Michel ... (Almost too good looking, that bike…)

To be continued…Part 2


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