Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 Montreal Moto Show: Triumph


Without a doubt, the adventure motorcycle market is booming if you consider all the new models available since 4-5 years.  Triumph has been quite active in this category lately.  This manufacturer comes back this year with yet another model, the Tiger Explorer.

As I did for all the other motorcycles for which I had a particular interest at the Montreal moto show, I took some time to sit on the bike and evaluate the riding position and the seat comfort.  The seat seemed a little hard, but comfy.  However, I can’t explain exactly why, the motorcycle left me a bit cold.  A little too big?  Or maybe just because it is more road oriented?  Or perhaps because a more appealing bike was just beside it: the 800XC.


There is no doubt in my mind, the 800XC is one of the best interpretations of the dual sport adventure bike on the market.  The comparisons with the F800GS from BMW are numerous.  Which one is the best?  That depends on your point of view.  In my opinion, comfort is the most important aspect when evaluating a motorcycle.  Depending on that, you will or won’t like a motorcycle.  A comfy bike will not stop you from riding all day long.  Thus, I think the 800XC has an edge.  I rode the F650GS for 2 weeks.  I really loved this motorcycle, but for the seat, it gave me back pain (however my wife found the rear seat very comfortable, even on a gravel road).  The same seat is used on the F800GS.

If you are targeting the 800XC to be your next motorcycle, I suggest that you browse motorcycle forums and check its reliability.



Next stop: KTM

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