Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Montreal moto show: KTM


It was not easy to speak with the KTM representative, he seemed to be the most popular guy at this moto show.

KTM is one of the brands that attracts the most attention with their Ready-to-Race motorcycles and its implication in many events like the Dakar rally with Marc Coma and Cyril Després who compete year after year for first place.

So a stop at the KTM booth was a must.  I had the chance to have a closer look and quickly evaluate the Adventure, which my wife found ugly by the way, but from a dual sport adventure motorcycle amateur, the Adventure represents the summit of efficiency in its class – which allows to see the best of this bike, but yeah, the look is rather particular.  However the Dakar version in dark blue suits this bike nicely.


There are many trails where I had to turn around because my Versys was not adapted - either because the ground clearance was too low, misadapted suspension or the bike was too heavy.  It is in moments like those that I would have liked to ride an Adventure or a 690 Enduro to really see the difference.

However, take note that those motorcycles are not for everyone.  First, the accrued power which makes KTM’s reputation comes with a proportional gas consumption, which in turn also means a reduced autonomy.  Also, those motorcycles require more maintenance than the average motorcycle… so if mechanics are not your thing, be prepared to regularly visit your dealer.  There is a price to pay to be the pack leader.



I added some trail pictures where I had to either turn around or be very careful because of the limited ground clearance of my Versys.  Would an Adventure or a 690 Enduro have made a difference? Certainly yes, but to what degree?


Next stop: Kawasaki and Moto Guzzi

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