Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 Montreal Moto Show: Ducati and Campagna

Third Stop: Ducati


Nothing new at Ducati for adventure motorcycling but I had to stop to closely evaluate the Multistrada, which I see every summer day in front of Ducati Montreal on St-Laurent street coming back from work.  Quite an evolution in many aspects compared to the previous model!  Certainly nobody will miss the previous version.  The most important improvement is hidden however: the valve adjustment cycle made a 20 000km jump from 4000 to 24000km, which makes the Multistrada suddenly much more affordable.  Bravo!

Ducati has never been shy to tell everyone the Multistrada is a dual sport bike.  It is well known that the Multistada is a crossover, but people at Ducati brought the concept to new highs.  They equipped the Multistrada with electronics to select the riding mode at the touch of a finger.  There are 4 modes, including dual sport.

While I was looking closely at the bike, it seemed to me that ground clearance was a little short for fire roads.  Well, there is nothing better than a couple of dedicated adventure riders taking their bike out, producing videos and sharing their results to verify that.  So have a look at this video found on Youtube.

Enter video caption here

That sounds convincing enough according to me.

Off topic: V13R

While heading to the Ducati booth, I stumbled upon a quite appealing vehicle, esthetically and mechanically speaking. The V13R from Campagna.

If I had money to spend I would run to buy this 3 wheeled roadster.  A minivan to carry kids around, a V13R for everything else.  Honestly, I don’t know much about this type of vehicle and I don’t know if there is a big market for it yet, but I wish to see many of them on the roads just for the pleasure of looking at them.  A great modern and classic look, powered by Harley Davidson, all Baby Boomers want one.  This product is manufactured in Quebec.  


All my congratulations to Campagna!

Next stop: Triumph


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