Saturday, September 8, 2012


Here is the original press release followed by my own opinions on the subject.


Triumph Tiger Explorer XC 2013

• Aluminium rimmed, steel spoked wheels with tubeless tyres.
• Ride by wire, traction control, cruise control and switchable ABS all as standard.
• Hand Guards, Fog Lights, Belly Pan and Engine Bars to back up the go anywhere capability of the Explorer XC .
• Extended Service intervals along with two-year unlimited mileage warranty.
• Available at Triumph dealerships April, 2013.

Triumph Motorcycles increases its range in the Adventure Touring market with the launch of the new Tiger Explorer XC. With a nod to the styling cues of the award winning Tiger 800 XC, the new Tiger Explorer XC gains a number of enhancements to further enhance its long haul adventure touring appeal.

Key to the rugged look of the XC are the new aluminum rimmed, steel spoked wheels. Maintaining the 19” front and 17” rear of the Explorer, the new Triumph designed spoked wheels retain the Explorer’s incredible dynamic handling providing the additional benefit of tubeless tyres. If mid adventure you find yourself suffering with a flat tyre the experience can soon turn into an adventure of a different kind! Triumph’s tubeless rims ensure this will not be the case and allow you to quickly resume your explorations without the need for an extensive tool kit or experienced tyre fitters.

The adventure look is further enhanced with the standard fit of some additional features, designed to increase comfort and confidence to any adventure. The high impact Adventure Hand Guards offer warmth and protection to hands and controls, whilst the high performance 55w Dual Fog Lights deliver increased visibility for those late rides. Tough 22mm steel tube engine bars and a heavy gauge aluminium Belly Guard combine to offer maximum protection when the going gets more challenging. For riders wishing to further tailor their XC, there is a further range of 54 additional Genuine Triumph Accessories to choose from.

The Tiger Explorer XC is powered by Triumph’s shaft-driven 1215cc triple. Producing 137ps with 121Nm of torque the engine continues to impress. Add into the equation cruise and traction control, switchable ABS and a virtually maintenance free shaft drive, you have the perfect combination for long distance adventure touring. All confidently backed up by a 10,000 mile service interval and unlimited mileage two-year warranty.

Available in Khaki Green, the XC will make its debut during Triumph Live, the World’s largest celebration of all things Triumph, being held at Mallory Park, Leicestershire, UK over the weekend of 31 Aug – 2 September. The Triumph Tiger Explorer XC’s international debut will follow at Intermot, Cologne, on 2 October, 2012. Test rides at Triumph dealerships will be available in early April 2013.


When I saw the original Explorer last year, my first thought was “great!, but it seems Triumph has cooked up a more road oriented adventurer this time”.  The XC version aims to fill in the blanks.

Cruise control!  Simply said, this is an underrated item on ADV motorcycles – it will be standard on the XC.

Hopefully traction control (TC) will be easy to turn off - it is not clear on the original press release... crossing fingers.  Personally, I would have preferred TC as optional for a lower bill.  I still need to understand the positive aspect of TC on ADV bikes, but I clearly get the minuses.

Shaft drive: some like, other don’t.  Personally, I appreciate the maintenance free aspect of it.  I own a chain drive bike right now: I can’t find any advantages besides “I could eventually change the sprockets and save a few bucks on gas”, but I feel the hassle of required regular maintenance.  Shaft drive is a plus in my book especially with that much torque on the throttle.

Triumph announces a hefty 54 genuine accessories to choose from.  I assume that heater grips will be part of the list – on my top 5 items not far from aluminum side/top cases.  Add a USB plug and (personal wish!) electronic adjustable suspension (EAS) to complete the shopping list…yeah, I’m a big fan of EAS since my last adv ride to Parent.

To conclude, most likely the total weight of the XC is not heading south and off road capabilities will be limited in heavy conditions – which is the price to pay for a long range, comfortable and powerful adventure motorcycle.


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  1. Triumph has huge experience in making adventure touring bikes like this stunning Triumph Tiger.Its really made for bike gangs,highway hunters and stunters.Its a dream bike for adventure lovers.