Saturday, May 26, 2012

First 2012 adventure ride: part 5

After escaping the muddy trap (see part 4), I had to stop for a moment to rest and eat something.  I did some more exploration in the area after the caffeine break.

Then I headed towards Labelle.



[Labelle Lake]  I took this shot when I arrived at Labelle Lake.


[The right colors!] After taking the shot of the lake, here’s what I saw.  Wow!  I could not have found a better background for my grey Versys.

The same original shot with various color filters and temperature:



Mont Tremblant


[Dune Buggy] Once out of Labelle, I took the 117 South to Mont Tremblant

At around 16h30, I arrived in Mont Tremblant and I stopped at a snack bar to eat my favorite meal when I go out for a ride - a poutine!

While waiting for my meal, I saw this particular cruiser arriving in the parking lot.

I spoke with the owner (great guy!) for a while and he confirmed that Mont Tremblant park was really nice and it was worth the detour.

However, that will be for another day...  I still have another 2 hours until I get home.




That was quite a ride!  I think I got some nice pictures, I felt one with nature in a peaceful decor and even tougher moments are good souvenirs…at least it allowed me to test my limits and those of my bike.

What a great way adventure motorcycling is to disconnect with everyday civilization burden!

Next article: Mont Tremblant? or may be a surprise.

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